I Bet You Feel Real Good About Yourself.


People can be ignorant and rude to each other; now add the fact you are short, then they can be just straight up condescending and dismissive.  As much as I love to give the benefit the doubt with every one, sometimes my doubt in people is just accurate.  You always see people talk or post on social media encouraging everyone – especially women – to stand up for themselves and much respect for people who don’t take sh*t from anyone, but the moment you actually put those words into action, then you are automatically a bad person.

About a year ago, I was at the movies standing in line in the concession stand when a woman either didn’t see me or just thought I was a kid, when and cut me in line.  In a civilized manner I told her, “Ma’am, I’m sorry but I’m next in line, you must have not saw me”, she did not say anything and just maneuvered behind me.  After a few moments, she said under her breath and behind my back, “you must feel real good about yourself”.  I was caught off guard because I didn’t think I said anything to offend her and I was not rude.  What I did was bruised her ego a bit, because a really short person, a person they typically look down upon, stood up for themselves and she did not like the feeling.  If I were an average height women she would have said sorry right away, move behind me, and let it go, but since my height is of a child, I am not allowed to defend myself against “normal” people.  I am not worthy of respect and being treated the same as any body else.  To an ignorant person like her, anyone who looks like me, just needs keep quiet and allow for everyone else to walk all over us and to not be treated fairly.  We should be last in line, we should be the last to speak, and God forbid we make them feel bad for not conforming to their expectations.

I just acted like I didn’t hear her and moved on, because I HAVE TO BE THE BIGGER PERSON and she sure as hell didn’t deserve to see me upset.  I refused to give her – anyone for that matter – such satisfaction.

There is certainly a possibility she would have said that comment to anybody, but it is much easier for cowards to pick on the little guy and even easier to talk behind people’s backs.  I would have been impressed if she would have to said it to my face, looking at me in the eyes; but like I have repeatedly said, I was not worthy of such an interaction.

Sometimes, I do wish I would have said something, because yes, I did allow for her to get away with saying such hurtful words, but I did not allow myself to be overlooked.  Since then I refuse condescending behavior from anyone, but I also know my limits.   That incident did not deter me continuing to stand up for myself; no one should tolerate such ignorant and sometimes hateful behavior.  It’s truly disheartening how so many treat people of short stature with such disdain and disrespect, and even more disturbing, is how ignorance is so rapid and contagious.


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