Mom: A Title Just Above a Queen.



When I was born, they whisked me away immediately after my mom gave birth to me, she did not experience the quintessential moment of holding her first baby, but upon bringing me home a month after I was born…She has never let me go since.

I will forever be grateful for my mom for teaching her RSS child to be strong, and independent, yet not be too proud to ask for help.  Her constant tough love – i.e. you better grab a chair and do the dishes  – when I was a kid, was one of her many lessons and reminders that being short is just an obstacle not an excuse.

As her first born, it had to be such a frightening experience to have a child with RSS; my mom rose to the occasion with love, strength, and bravery that can only be described as the unconditional love of a mother .

To all the mother’s of RSS children: I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day.  Thank you for your love, strength, and bravery.

2 thoughts on “Mom: A Title Just Above a Queen.

  1. I know just how she felt. I told my daughter she had to adapt to the world because the world was not gonna adapt to her. I’m very proud to say she is more strong and independent than any 5 ft 6 in woman around. Love you Susan!

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