Lucky Number 13…It’s flu season!

This is my 13th post.  The number 13 is my lucky number.  I was born on the 13th day.

It has been a little while since I posted.  Sorry about that, I bet you all really missed me!  No, you didn’t?  That’s okay, I wouldn’t miss me either.  Christmas and New Year’s has come and gone and I hope you all had a blessed Christmas and a spectacular New Year’s; and I hope  2018 is treating you all well so far.

Scrolling through the social media feed, I noticed there are an abundance of posts about how every human being in the whole Northern Hemisphere has the flu.  I have been taking every precaution; I had my flu shot,  and take all my vitamins with Emergen-C…Everyday!  I am also a major germophobe, which in the grand scheme of things does more harm than good.  I try in vain every year to avoid the flu, but since I have RSS, I may be able to avoid the flu like any other person taking all precautions, but I cannot dodge the always annoying bronchitis and sinus infection – respiratory issues!  Never fails, every January or February!  The worst part – and all you RSS peeps know what I’m talking about – EAR INFECTIONS; and not just AN ear infections, DOUBLE EAR INFECTIONS.  Since I was a toddler, I have always suffered from ear infections – I had tubes 3 times.   Sometimes, my ear infections are so bad and because I have a very high tolerance for pain with ear aches, I have ear drum rupture a few times.   I remember once I was waiting to see in a doctor in urgent care and a young child that was sitting next to me freaked out because blood started oozing out of my ear.  Every doctor that checks my ears are astonished when they check my ears and wonder why I’m not screaming because of the pain.  As a child, the pain was absolute torture, I cried and cried but as an adult, it is just annoying.  Everything about ear infections it just annoying, the time to go to the doctor, the money it cost to go the doctor and medication (if you’re an American), I don’t mind popping pills to get better, but the ear drops are annoying too.  The uncomfortable feeling of the clogged ear(s) and waiting for it to clear up – ear popping is music to my ears, because that means I can literally hear again!

Parents, I literally feel your child’s pain and it breaks my heart, because I know exactly what they are going through.  I remember my mom and grandma tried every crazy remedy in the book when I was a child, from olive oil in my ear to blowing smoke (and neither were smokers, they went to the store to buy a pack) in my ear to abate the pain and I’m grateful for their every effort; but ultimately I had to ride out the grueling pain until I got to the doctor’s – because like all inconvenience’s, ear aches never has good timing, they always begin in the middle of the night.

So, if you or your child are sick, I hope you all get well very soon.  I wish you all a healthy and happy 2018!

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