My Little Runt.


He is hungry every morning at 4:30AM, he never fails to wake me up with his winey meows, yelling that he is hungry!  Whoever is sitting on the couch, he always lays down behind their heads, because that is his spot.  He does not like stale food whatsoever and has only drank filtered water (yeah, that’s my fault).  He is very vocal, will argue with you, and he must always have the last word.   He is very stubborn and demanding.  He is 12 years old and very much set in his ways.

This is my fur baby,  Guero – for those of you who do not know Spanish, Guero is slang for white/light skinned.  My Mom got me Guero for Christmas in 2005 from the pound, he was around 5 months old.  Ironically, he was the only cat that was not meowing and that is was drew my mom to him, he was quiet.  He tricked my mom into thinking he was  quiet and low maintenance, Guero suckered my mom out of the pound.

Guero is not your average cat.  He was obviously the runt of the litter, so you can say he has a bit of a Napoleon complex; since he thinks he runs the house, which has two other cats (my cousin and our roommate each have a cat of their own).  He is not an affectionate feline – don’t let the picture fool you, yet he loves to be around humans, which is unusual for a cat.  He just has to be in the middle of everything and everyone.  Whenever we have visitors, he struts in the room as if he is the one who has a visitor.

Guero is a small, like your truly, but he is truly a unique individual, like us RSS individuals.  He is the coolest cat you will ever meet.  He has never hissed, not even at a dog; he has never shown signs of every feeling threatened, fearful, or angry.  Also, like us RSS individuals, he has always left an impact on almost everyone he comes across.

A couple of years ago, Guero gave us quite a fright.  My cousin and I lived at an apartment and a maintenance man came into our place to do a repair while we were out and left the door open.  Since, my cousin’s cat is a bit of a scary cat, he hid in my cousin’s room.  Guero, of course has no fear and walked out.  It wasn’t until late that cold January night when we realized we have not seen Guero – he has a tendency to hide and sleep for hours.  After a looking everywhere in our apartment, my heart sank, Geuro was missing. We searched everywhere in the complex and could not find him.  It was really cold that night and I was scared for Guero because he hates the cold and even more worrisome, he is declawed, has trouble with his hearing, and such a mellow cat, he was defenseless out here.  Family and friends help put flyers everywhere in the complex and surrounding areas, shared my social media posts, and drive around looking for Guero.  After a week, I became hopeless that we would find my fur baby.

Almost 3 weeks past and I received a call from a wonderful lady that she believed that my cat had been found.  I tried not to have my hopes up too high,  because I had a few calls, text messages, and people tell me they saw Guero, but end up being disappointed.  My cousin and I met with the lady and she walked us over to a house in the neighborhood right across from our complex, Guero did not go far to find safety; in fact, the house he was at was literally right across from our apartment.  Turns out Guero was outside for about 3 or 4 days – which is still quite a long time for a domestic indoor cat -when he was meowing outside this nice couple’s door.  Let me tell you, any animal would be lucky to have this couple as their owners!  They took Guero in and took him to the vet to get checked, vet told him that this cat is domesticated and belongs to someone.  He made friends with their dog – who was Guero’s twin, since the dog has the same coloring.    They took pictures of the two animals together and notified their family and friends of the new addition to their family.  The couple even named Guero!  They names him Latte – so imagine the awkwardness when the lovely,  fair complected couple asked me what his actual name was.

This little runt of mine impacted this couple so much, that you could see the disappointed look that I found him – heck, I felt to bad, I wanted let them keep Guero.  The husband especially was fond of my fur baby, I guess he wasn’t much of a cat person, but he thought Guero was the coolest cat – he is correct.  When his wife told her husband that they can get another, he said, but it won’t be Latte.   When we mentioned that we were moving soon, they even offered to take him if we moved somewhere that was not pet friendly.

They say that animals are a reflection of their owners or vice versa; if that’s the case, I truly hope I have made or make such a endearing impact on someone(s) life.


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