Eat. Pray. Move.


Getting to the gym is the worst; just the thought of moving on a treadmill exhausts me.  When I actually do arrive start moving around and pick up momentum, the dopamines increase and by the time I leave, I feel like I can take on any delicious temptation in my way…Until nachos are put in front of my face.

Being little and overweight is brutal enough, but being little, overweight, diabetic AND a woman?!  The obstacles seem impossible to overcome.  I’ve lost count how many times I’ve fallen off the health and fitness wagon.  I’ve lost count how many Monday’s I’ve let passed to start eating healthy and going back to the gym again.  And of course I’ve lost count how many New Year’s fitness resolution I’ve broken for a healthy lifestyle change.  IT’S HARD!!!!  I have an insurmountable respect for people are disciplined to stay on track with staying healthy and eating well.  The odds are against most people and yet they move through those obstacles like tasty soft, buttery mashed potatoes.

Then I realize something…I may have failed over and over again, but I never give up.  I slip and give in to the temptation – too many times – but I always start again.  That’s exactly what people with discipline have gone through as well.  I’ve yet to meet a fitness trainer who not failed in the pass either; instead, they got back up and tried again.  Hell, even my cousin, who is a fitness trainer gives in to temptation sometimes, but that never discourages his focus and motivation for staying healthy.  He’ll be the first to admit, staying healthy in this day is age is really tough.  With every other commercial on television advertising food, fast food is cheaper and more convenient than ever and most social gatherings happen in restaurants and the kitchen.  Adversity is everywhere!

Working out is no picnic either; being little at a gym can be intimidating.  Treadmills are all good for me, but some of these machines are not little people friendly, but I still try them, because that’s what us shorty’s need to do.  It can be embarrassing to try a machine – feeling like everyone is watching because they are curious too – only to find it you can’t use, then feel like everyone feels sorry for you or worse amused by you.  All I can do is move on and try something else or modify a workout to have the same results.  I do really enjoy one aspect of working out at the gym – free weights area – the area that most woman avoid because of all the testosterone.  Free weights are awesome for little people.  This is where being a little woman has a major advantage, I will walk up to that area, pick up a weight and take a bench and start doing my thing – the big, burly men give me my space.  Usually I’m the only woman in the area, but then something funny yet very cool happens, other woman will start walking over to the area and start working out too.  I like to think I’m a motivator!  I’m sure some of these women think, “oh, if she can do it…”  It’s my favorite part about going to the gym.

I’m going to try again and am determined to stick with a healthy lifestyle.  No, I’m not waiting for next Monday or next year; I’m not waiting anymore to commit to my health.  Now, I realize I picked the worse time of the year to start, with the holidays here, but if I can can avoid the temptation throughout the holidays, next year will be a cake.

As my cousins says, “Winners Make Commitments”.

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