As Close to Imagine As You Will Get.


I honestly didn’t know what to write for this post and still kind of don’t; but I was sifting through my pictures on my phone and purging.  I then came across several pictures I took while on a beach trip to Southern California this past Summer.  I am obsessed with sunsets on the beach, I’ve witness so many beach sunsets and they never get old.  I know this sounds cliché, but it has always been like a religious experience to me…And I have too many pictures to prove it.   The beach at sunset is my happy place, my safe haven.

But, then maybe it is not so cliché.  There are so many different people who are congregating in one area and not just couples having a romantic moment; there are families, friends, and even strangers who come together in a peaceful setting to see how truly beautiful the world can be.  And whether you are religious or not, doesn’t matter; it is a natural setting that anyone and everyone is welcome to enjoy and hopefully appreciate.  It is as close to the John Lennon song Imagine as you will witness.  I have seen so many sunsets and I can honestly say, I have never heard an argument being heard during a sunset.  There is no talk of building a wall, shootings, or any hateful rhetoric.  You do hear some laughter, children shouting,  and some calm conversation; but once the sun starts to set all you hear are the waves.  Everyone’s guard is down, it is peaceful, we are one, and everything is alright with the world.  It is a two minute miracle.

Then the sun disappears and reality sets back in, but we set back into reality with a calmness that we didn’t realize we were missing.  There is relief and the heaviness of the day, week, or year seem a little lighter; almost like the sun’s gravity pulled out some of your worries and fears.

I wish I could take everyone I care for and love to watch a sunset with me, all together.  If you ever have the opportunity, take a moment for yourself the next time you’re by the ocean.

We are all the same next to the ocean, we are all small wonders next to a massive mystery.


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