Tongs…They’re my favorite.

I’m a bit of an irony, for a really short person I’m actually kind of leggy and have kind of long, lean arms; but I’m still short so of course I still have trouble reaching for things.  Damn, when I go to the grocery store to get a few things I need and one of the items I really do need is on the top shelf.  If I really don’t need it, then I say to myself, “I guess I don’t need it that bad” and move on; but if it’s an ingredient for a recipe and there is no way to go around it, then I scope out a normal height person and ask “may I borrow your height”?  It’s actually very clever and so far it has never failed; but being a short person I am naturally proud.  If there is even a slight chance I can reach for something myself, I will act like I’m still searching for the item and wait until the coast is clear and take the challenge.  I’ve done some pretty risky (more like stupid) maneuvers because of my pride, use a can as a stepping stool and climbing on shelves, but since I’m becoming more aware that I don’t want to risk falling down – along with breaking the shelves and possibly a bone or two and my ego- I’ve gone MacGyver and starting using a common item for a not so inventive use…Tongs.

I’m certainly not the first short person to use this idea, but I guess this post is more of homage (strong word, I know) to tongs.  They are truly a huge help for us shorties.  Spatulas get an honorable mention, but spatulas cannot grab an item, though they are very helping at moving an item closer.   Tongs have not only help with grabbing items from a high shelf, but it has helped me from having to grab a step stool and turn off the ceiling fan light – hey no judging, we all get lazy sometimes.   My cousin/roommate recently injured his foot and could not turn off his ceiling fan light, no worries; tongs to the rescue.

This is what’s really invaluable about kitchen utensils for myself as a short person; they make me feel a bit more confident because I can help turn off that light that is out of my reach for an injured relative or that can of tomato sauce that I need to make a tasty meal for me and my roommates.   It’s more than just a pair to tongs, it’s an extension of being a little more self sufficient.  It’s a lesson my mom taught me at an early age when I was around 8 years old she wanted me to start washing dishes, I remember looking at the sink like Mt. Everest, and saying “I can’t reach the dishes”, her response, “here’s a chair”.  Asking for help is not easy for anyone, but for me, it has always been a challenge.

I know I am a fortunate that I am able to reach a little bit higher than a lot of little people and that everyday obstacles are not challenging, so I certainly do not take for granted what God gave me to work with; but, yes I need to swallow my pride and learn to ask for help more often, but I’ll try the tongs first.

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