R.I.P. 2016

I am looking at my social media today; since today is New Year’s Day, the news feed is crammed with inspirational quotes and resolutions. I’ve noticed as the years have progressed, that resolutions are becoming less about vanity and more about concentrating on the quality of life. Being a better parent, spouse, friend, etc. Which I wholeheartedly appreciate, people need to be more in tune with the importance of being closer to their loved ones and being a better person. But what concerns me is that people tend to have short term memories, and old habits are hard to break. As a good friend of mine says, “old habits don’t die, they hibernate”. This may sound quite cynical and I apologize for my cynicism, but my view of this world is much different than many. Hell, maybe my cynical ways are a product of broken promises and disappointments, but the view down here can be disenchanting and you see pass the BS of people’s words. In all fairness, change is hard. It takes a special dedication to change, especially if you have been set in a certain way(s) for years. I too am guilty of broken promises and disappointments.

So, here is my resolution. I am going to try to be not so cynical and communicate more with words. I am not much of talker, I have alway preferred to write then chat. I am going to try and let go of situations that I have no control over, I am going to try not to care too much. Let me explain that one, I tend to be overprotective and put too much effort into my relationships with my family and friends. As much as I care and love them all; I have to accept the hard truth that I cannot save them all. I have to learn to let go and let them learn their own hard lessons. I have to put me first; that will be the toughest part of the “new me”. Maybe, this is a lot for me to change, but like everyone else, I have to at least try…And maybe even turn to those inspirational quotes for a reminder.

I wish you all happiness, good health, and blessings for 2017. 2016 was a crummy year, and one I am happy to leave quickly behind, like a short term memory.

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