Boxing Day…Phew.

I’ve always relished Boxing Day; why you may ask because Christmas has never been my favorite holiday. I have always found Christmas to be synonymous with stress. The writing of Christmas cards, numerous festivities, and the gifts! Oh my, the gifts! I hate shopping and even worse, I hate being broke. Even worse, I hate being broke and still trying to play the numbers game to figure how I am going to be able to afford gifts that most likely will be forgotten before the New Year. Maybe I should have been an Elf on the Shelf for parties, but I’m not big on being a mannequin. Look, I’m not knocking if you enjoy Christmas; there is absolutely nothing wrong with anything that brings you joy. But in my personal opinion, Christmas has always been about the gifts with too many people.

There is another reason I do not care for Christmas…And I will not delve too much into this for on this post, because in all honesty, I’m not ready. As I get older, my heart hurts a bit more because I do not have a family of my own to celebrate the season with. I see my friend’s and other members of my family and their families, they have the best gift of all – a family to create amazing memories. Yes, I have my mom, dad, siblings, and other members of my family, but I do not have a husband or children. Maybe someday I will, but for now, it is just not in the cards. The loneliness can be especially heartbreaking around Christmas time, so when December 26 hits, there is this sigh of relief and my heart does not ache so much.

So, if you feel overstressed to the point of having an anxiety attack because you are trying to provide a perfect Christmas for your family; just take a breath, NOT EVERYTHING HAS TO BE PERFECT. Remember, you are providing memories with your family that they will never forget and reminiscing about these memories is a gift that is priceless and it doesn’t cost a thing.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas full of beautiful memories.

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