No sense in comparing.

Being a person who is unique in stature, I have this annoying habit ingrained in my head:  I too often compare myself to others.  It’s human nature, we are all guilty of doing it and it makes no sense, because you are only voiding yourself self confidence.  It’s a time waster and sometimes it’s a high price for an ego that most likely others don’t even notice.  But people do notice me, especially the kids and you can’t blame them, they are curious and fascinated.   Many kids will even purposely walk close to me so they can compare their height to mine; it’s a bit irritating, mostly because parents usually don’t even notice or if they do, don’t care.  I have learned to live with it – what choice to I have – it became second nature to me to just ignore and keep it moving.   This is what bothers me though, no one should have to get used to such humility.  All my friends are of average height, many are tall and I look at them with envy, but as one of my good – mind you she has beautiful long legs – friends always encourages me, “girl, just own it”.   It is simple and sage advise, in just four words she is telling me to be proud of my body, to not care what other people think or say, and most importantly, DO NOT COMPARE MYSELF TO OTHERS.  I know she means well and I appreciate her candor:  easier said than done.  She is 5’8″ and beautiful, what does she know?  Then she essentially preached to me and put things in perspective:  “Girl, I grew up too black, too skinny, and too tall.  I’ve had my share of stares and still do and it used to bother me, I was angry for a long time.  But then I started to own it and built up some self confidence; I learned to love myself.  There will always be ignorant people in this world and that is NEVER going change; no sense in comparing yourself with everyone”.

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